Kylie Jenner Just Posted The Most Cruel Instagram These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Page Six- Kylie Jenner nearly bared it all in a steamy post on Instagram Monday, posing in a graphic bikini printed with a pair of nude breasts.

“free the nipple,” the “Kardashians” star, 24, cleverly captioned two close-up photos of her trompe l’oeil Jean Paul Gaultier swimsuit top.

Fittingly dubbed “The Naked Bikini,” the sexy swimwear is part of the French fashion house’s collaboration with stylist Lotta Volkova, and retails for $325.

Yesterday as I was on my way home from work on the world's most wonderful train system, the Long Island Railroad, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw something I never thought these eyes would see. Was this real? Was what I think was happening actually happening? Did Kylie Jenner just post a full blown nude on Instagram? After the full 1-3 steady seconds of jubilation that felt like the length of the Godfather trilogy it became abundantly clear that this was simply just a bikini with INSANELY realistic looking nipples on it.

And the obvious immediate question after the fact is is that bikini a custom or is it off of the rack? Either way what an instagram post from Kylie. That is EXACTLY how you rile up the horny community on a Monday while obviously staying the Queen that she is.Truly a moment I will never forget on instagram.