Getting Quad Aces vs A Royal Flush At The WSOP Is Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry


This is why the windows don't open in Vegas hotel rooms. Fucking GROSS. I don't even know what I'd do if I was the guy with AK here. You flop the full house and you're 99.8% to win the hand.



The turn then comes the Queen of diamonds.



And then the river, the most unfortunate river of all. Sure the 9 of diamonds does the same job, but quadding up while your opponent goes runner-runner Royal right in your face has to sting like none other.



And of course in tournaments there's no BBJ, so our friend with quad aces has to pick up his backpack, push in his chair, and go directly to therapy.


It's been a fun WSOP so far. Lots of #GoodGuys winning bracelets, apparently the Strip has been a great change of venue from the god forsaken Rio, and we had this dealer use the color-up break to take the entire table's chips and stack them by color. Whoops!



I can't wait to get out there at the end of the month. If anyone has a hotel room hookup hit me up! And please subscribe to the podcast, we have Greg Merson on today's show. He won the 2012 Main Event and 2 nights ago finished 3rd in the WSOP online $5k for $96k and change. Not too bad!