The Moment Billy Football Gets Just An Ounce Of Accuracy On His Shot, It's Over For Lacrosse Goalies Everywhere

This past weekend Doogs, Billy Football, and Jake went up to Albany for week 1 of the PLL season. Doogs is one of the best 3rd string high school lacrosse goalies in the history of the game. If you saw his stats from practice, your head would spin. So while they were in Albany, they put Billy Football's skills to the test and put him up against Doogs in a goalie challenge. I'm not entirely sure what Billy's lacrosse experience is but it's a pretty tall order putting him up against Doogs right away like that. It's tough to score against a guy who is that dialed in. And I'll also say it's tough to score when half the time when you shoot the ball ends up behind you. 

It's some pretty good action, though. Powerful movement. Generates from the lower body. Gets the hands out and away from the body. Plenty of torque. I'm going to go ahead and say that if Billy figured out how to actually aim his lacrosse shot even a fraction of where he wants to actually put the ball, goalies would be in for a world of hurt. Maybe one day I'll teach him how to splash that nearside top corner. Against a righty goalie? That drops 9 times out of 10. 

Oh and speaking of an absolute snipe show, Jake Marsh has 2-bomb range. 

Lefty laser.