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Doctors Confirmed My Half Court Shot Was One Of The Most Courageous And Heroic Acts In Human History

I went to a doctor who basically confirmed that my shoulder is beyond repair. One of the most mangled shoulders he's ever come across.  Nothing can be done to fix it. Total junk.  Needs a complete replacement.  He couldn't believe I even attempted a half court shot with that type of structural damage.  Other topics: pillow testing, Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, an update on the latest hit piece, Ryan Whitney got stuck in an airport, The Barstool Classic college basketball tournament, and Uptown Balls won the Dozen Tournament but I'll still never have any respect for Smitty unless he cures cancer.  We also had Pat and Joey on to talk about their month ahead and Joey's connections to The Jersey Shore.   And me and Eddie got into an argument about the depth of Barstool talent and how it compares to other media companies.  I think Alex Cooper is bigger than Charles Barkley.  And Eddie is an idiot. 

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