Some 'Criminal' (Hero) Is Being Forced To Pay Back $1 MILLION For Providing Illegal Streaming Devices Of Premier League Games

[Source] - A criminal found guilty of supplying illegal streaming devices (ISDs) providing unauthorised access to Premier League content has been ordered to pay back almost £1million to the public purse.

Steven King masterminded the pirate streaming operation Dreambox and was jailed for seven years and four months in March 2019.

At Warwick Crown Court today, he has been ordered to forfeit the proceeds of his criminal activities and pay back £963,000 within three months, or face having his prison sentence extended by an additional six years and eight months.

Trading under the names Dreambox (unincorporated), Dreambox TV Limited, and Digital Switchover Limited, via websites at and, the three men had provided illegal access to Premier League football to more than 1,000 pubs, clubs and homes throughout England and Wales.

I'm sorry, but as much as I love soccer I'm not going to sit here and defend the Premier League. It's the same as all the other shit in sports. Everything is getting too damn expensive to watch a game from my couch. Let alone even trying to watch the Pac-12 Network, which is just a physical impossibility at this point in life. Every single league has some sort of channel you have to pay for, something we would NEVER think about here. But he's clearly helping people out by providing it to pubs, clubs and homes. Sorry for supporting the teams I guess. 

I'm not going to sit here and pretend to know exactly how the TV deal works in England. I live in Ohio, not close to England. But if it's anything like MLB where 95% of games are blacked out because you live in the same country as your team, they should pay this man $1 million for being a hero. The million bucks is bad enough but this man is in jail too? Come on. 

I think this is a classic fair is fair case. People are buying services you let them go. Something tells me the Premier League would have been just fine.