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This Video Showing The Difference Between People Drinking Their First Drink At A Wedding And Their Last Drink At A Wedding Deserves An Internet Oscar

Bravo to whoever filmed this masterpiece and showing the chaos that ensues when you mix an open bar, 20-30 somethings full of vigor, and the wonderful mystery of love as some crazy chemistry experiment in the human body. My bank account barely made it through the wedding phase of my life where it seemed like I was getting a hotel room and choosing between the steak or the chicken every other weekend (Always choose the steak btw) while celebrating a couple of pals locking up in holy matrimony. 

However this video full of cheeky blokes and delightful accents hammered home just how much my liver barely made it through those days as well because there isn't a wedding I went to that didn't end in absolute debauchery that would kill me as an old man today. Total debauchery may occur during Shout, the bus ride back to the hotel, or at the after party (Always have an after party btw). But the debauchery is just as inevitable as Thanos that resulted in about the same amount of destruction along with the phenomenon of guys losing their jackets and ties to ladies that somehow picked them up. 

Also I'm not sure if this is a saying or not, but you can always tell how fun a wedding was by what the bride looks like at the end of it, which is why I'm blindly giving this wedding 4.7 Balls that led to a lot of shame at breakfast the next morning because this absolute queen looks like she had a BLAST.

I would say that I can't wait for this to become the next TikTok trend but it apparently already was one, which I must've missed because again I'm an Old with kids that is wayyyy out of the game. But I wouldn't hate it if we get a bunch of fresh videos now that wedding season is cranking once again.


TL;DR - Alcohol is a hell of a drug