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Love This Guy Who Lived Out A Teacher's Dream And Turned Into Larry Bird During A Student-Teacher Game

This is how I know I've matured. Younger me would have called this guy a hardo. Younger me would have demanded a kid embarrass him the next time down the court. Instead I appreciate this man. Called his shot and looked like Larry Bird: 

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Even checked the wind before hand in case any of those little shit kids tried opening a door on him. Veteran experience at its finest. You see, this is what student-teacher games are about. Teachers are looking to take out years of frustration on kids. You want to hit them with a crossover and remind them at the ripe old age of 32 you still have it. Kids are looking to turn into Steph Curry and embarrass their teachers for giving them a C on a clearly plagiarized paper that is done every year. 

And what you get is once every so often this sort of magic. We can even ignore the fact that he was technically out of bounds and stepped back in. We can ignore the fact of the slow release. The final result was perfect. Even better is this guy can just play this on loop for eternity in his classroom. Challenge kids to corner 3 contests like he's PJ Tucker.