The Worst Part Of Dustin Johnson Officially Resigning His PGA Tour Membership Is The Ryder Cup Being Ruined

And there it is. Dustin Johnson took the money, went full heel and now the Ryder Cup is ruined. Let me get two facts out of the way so you know where I'm coming from here. I've always, always cheered for Dustin Johnson and second, the Ryder Cup is my favorite event in golf. It's a top-5 event in all of sports for me, maybe even 3 behind the NCAA Tournament and Super Bowl. I've always been a sucker for it, always go out of my way to watch it, read about it (do yourself a favor and read Curt Sampson's War by the Shore), etc. So yeah this is where I'm going here. 

The Ryder Cup is ruined because Dustin Johnson will be far from the first to do this. I don't care that DJ is 37 years old. He still has Ryder Cups in him. Plus, we'll likely never see Phil as captain, especially in New York where it was going to be set up perfectly for him to take over for in 2025. Good news is Kevin Na thinks the Ryder Cup will change for him: 

We all should aspire to be like Kevin Na since he's somehow the most confident man in the world. I can guarantee no one gives a shit about Kevin Na and the Ryder Cup since he's, you know, Kevin Na. 

I just wish these guys would admit what's truly going on. They want the money. It's a business decision to try and get as much money as possible. That's it. It's not growing the game or any other bullshit we've seen in releases. That's what the fear is. Who else jumps? DJ is the biggest name and best player right now obviously. But what happens if there's 4 or 5 top-25 guys that leave? I know we all don't tend to like change, but money is money. 

But I'm speaking as a fan here. I'm speaking as someone who loves the Ryder Cup. I don't care about the regular ass PGA events. Players skip them all the time and there's enough talent that it'll be fine. I was at the Memorial on Saturday and you'd never know that some of the top guys on the Tour weren't there. People will show up. I just want Team USA to stay loaded for the Ryder Cup. DJ was AWESOME at the one last year: 


I want to kick Europe's ass every two years. I hope this shit gets figured out fast and we're not making exceptions and scrambling at the same time.