LIV Golf Has Selected The 12 Captains For The Team Format And Their Team Names And Logos Are Hilariously Awful

If you needed any more evidence that this is a mickey mouse league, look no further than these team names. Fire balls? Iron Heads? Hy Flyers? Is... is that a pun on hybrids? 

These names and logos are all remarkably and similarly bad, to the point where it feels like they weren't created by the captains but rather by some marketing team. And for a league that's invested somewhere in the ballpark of $4B (and seemingly willing to invest far more), how do they not invest in a marketing team that can come up with something better than these names and logos plucked right off of Madden? I'm actually shocked that there's not some sort of Tiburon team led by Greg Norman himself.

This inaugural week for LIV Golf has been chock full of bad press, which is as predictable as it gets. Players are outright renouncing their PGA Tour cards in their press conferences this morning, and being challenged with the tough questions that you'd expect to be asked.

What a disaster, and it's not going away any time soon. If the Saudi's launching of this league was with "sportswashing" in mind, they severely miscalculated something here. In order to accomplish their mission, they need the media coverage to fall in line along with the players. They don't have a major broadcasting partner as far as I know because nobody wants to be the network that gets in bed with them. That's already a major hole in their scheme from the jump. 

And if reporters covering their event are just going to bombard the players with questions about human rights every week, then the conversation is never about golf. They're going to have to crack down on who they're allowing to cover their events, and any reporter worth their salt that's covering this first event is laying it on them thick right now. They're there really just to challenge these players who've jumped the PGA Tour ship and once that story dies out, they're probably not coming back to cover these events. Or at least any reporters representing anything of significance.


And then the cherry on top is that LIV Golf does not even appear to be capitalizing on the team draft that will be happening later today.

Like…. what? How stupid are these guys? People crave that kind of shit. The NFL and NBA have made a fortune off of marketing events out of nothing. This is a sport that's never had anything of this kind. The team element is supposed to be one of the biggest draws to have people watch LIV Golf, yet they don't seem to have any interest in capitalizing on it. No feel for the moment, whatsoever.

In my eyes, this is doomed to fail. I'm not sure how long it will take, but it may take a while given all the money the Saudi's have in their back pocket. They could throw money at this thing for years, but I think it will fail nonetheless. The PR hole that's been dug is just too deep. And how the PGA Tour treats things when that day comes is going to be the true drama. 

Now we just gotta sit and wait.