BREAKING: The Boston Bruins Have Fired Head Coach Bruce Cassidy

And here we go... the tumultuous offseason has begun with the Bruins firing Head Coach Bruce Cassidy. Here is my instant reaction: the wrong guy was fired. Cassidy is just the fall guy for Don Sweeney and the entire front office who have failed this organization. Cam Neely and Don should've been the first to go. That being said, it was pretty clear that Cassidy had lost the locker room. 6 seasons (245-108-46), never missed the playoffs, no doubt about it Cassidy will be picked up by a new team in no time. He could only do so much with the players he is dealt. I think the guys in the room were sick of him by the end, HOWEVERRRRRRRR, Personnel problems have plagued the Bruins the last few years, that's on Neely and Sweeney, not Cassidy. The lack of depth in the prospect pool? Neely and Sweeney, not Cassidy. Cassidy is simply the scapegoat here. 

Instead, Don Sweeney will get a new deal and will conduct the search for a new HC. Would've preferred to clean house rather than just fire the coach. It's a terrifying time if you're a Boston Bruins fan. A ton of uncertainty heading into the summer. Especially with news that Marchand, McAvoy and Grzeclyk are out for 5-6 months, Reilly out 3 months and Patrice Bergeron contemplating retirement. Speaking of Patrice, I wonder if he was made aware that the Bruins were firing Cassidy prior to it happening. Did he approve? Would that sway his decision?

So, what coaching candidates are available? Has Trotz already signed in Winnipeg? David Quinn? Will have a follow up blog on that later.

Again, the wrong guy got fired today. We'll see where this organization goes now, are we rebuilding on the fly? Retooling? Complete rebuild? I'd love to know. Either way it doesn't feel great, that's for sure. Buckle up, because it's going to be a long summer.