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MTV's Awards Are A Total Hoax If Olivia Rodrigo Can Beat The Beatles & Janet Jackson

We don't know if we've grown up or if award shows have gotten worse. If you don't know by now most award shows are rigged (besides the People's Choice Awards, of course) than we're sorry to break the news to you. If there is an award show most rigged rankings we're putting the MTV Awards at the top of that list. 

If you want an MTV award all you have to do is show up. It's that simple. Don't get me wrong I love Euphoria but the fact that Maddie & Cassie won 'best fight scene' over several Marvel fight scene's including the Spidermen end scene in No Way Home is a joke! At the time the episode with Maddie & Cassie's fight was released we were underwhelmed. It was no award winning fight, but congratulations to Sydney Sweeney who was there to accept the award. 

The same goes for Olivia Rodrigo who won 'Best Music Documentary' over Janet Jackson, Kanye West & The Beatles! We mean no disrespect to Olivia Rodrigo & we love her but we think even she would agree she needs to earn her stripes a bit more before winning over those LEGENDS. But again, congratulations to Olivia Rodrigo who was there to accept the award. 

Award shows like this just don't pull the big names anymore & we need a change. 

After a bit of a break, trivia is also back on today's episode!

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