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This Is The Spookiest National Anthem I've Ever Heard


No gas that is the spookiest National Anthem ever played. I honest to goodness think they need to do another one directly after it or the stadium will without a doubt be haunted. Good news for the A's they are moving to Vegas because after that, the ghost of George Washington and F Scott Fitzgerald will be haunting... *looks up what the name of the stadium is* 


Wait. New blog.


Do you know the name of the stadium the A's play in is? I could have 5 million guesses and wouldn't have gotten it. As a kid I could name every stadium in probably 90 seconds. Now they change names every other year, I can't keep up.

They play in....RingCentral Coliseum. I don't even think A's fans know that.


Ok back to old blog real quick.


...the stadium for eternity. 

I will say though, that lady is on to something. I could see her going viral on the Tik Tok for taking regular ass songs and playing them creepily on her saw. When in life you're given some freaky talent, you gotta cash in. This could be the start of something for her. Make that money while you can. Take those lemons and make lemonade baby. Don't worry about the ghosts, which I 100% believe will show up whenever she plays that thing. Like, you just can't play a saw like that and not expect ghosts. But I suppose every job comes with dangers. Cube job you worry about being stuck in the break room with fat Linda in HR, blogging you have to worry about getting a phone call from Dave, and saw playing you have to worry about being haunted by ghosts. Thems the breaks.