This Umpire Who Stopped a Home Run Pimp Job After 0.6 Seconds Belongs in the Ump Show Hall of Fame

This umpire absolutely STINKS. Do not let this guy anywhere near the Super Regionals or College World Series.

Bryson Worrell capped an 8-run 7th inning for East Carolina with a 3-run homer to all but put the Pirates through to a Super Regional on Monday. He also had the audacity to watch his no-doubter for about half a second out of the batter's box before the home plate umpire decided he had seen enough. There will be precisely zero fun had as long as this guy is in charge.

Worrell should have turned around and stood there for another second or two and dared this asshole to do something about it. The game was already over, make the fun police have the balls to throw you out.

It's ridiculous we still have to deal with guys like this in 2022. Baseball is electric, but you have people like this trying to make sure the game is played just like it was in 1965. Meanwhile, there are guys like Drew Gilbert at Tennessee taking 10 seconds to get to first base and throwing the bat 40 feet in the air.

Let everyone do that. If you hit a home run, you get to do whatever you want. Write that into the rule book so umpires like this guy in Greeneville can't go on any more power trips.