Howitzergate Has Come Full Circle

RoyalFive. Getty Images.


In 2011 when I was blogging 26 hours a day eating 2 loafs of bread from Panera for lunch I posted a paparazzi picture of Tom Brady's son.  Said the kid had a howitzer on him. The joke was Peyton Manning couldn’t dream of having a kid with that big a Howitzer.  But then the news talked about it, Howard Stern talked about it, and the cops came to my house threatening me if I didn't take it down.  The cowards at WEEI kicked me off.  #HowitzerGate was one of the first Barstool controversies, 11 years ago and today it came full circle when Brady basically put his dick online today and well…howitzer.




That's how you go full circle.  

PS: He's making a movie about us and we've been putting his face on t-shirts for years so we can call it even now.  I still want to be in it though.



PS:   We did a documentary about the entire saga.