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After A 4-Month Hiatus, Phil Mickelson Is Back…. To Play LIV Golf’s First Event

Well there ya have it. Money man Phil is back in the building.

The longer Phil’s “break” went on and the closer this first LIV Golf event drew near, the more it felt inevitable that he would be teeing it up. The decision to play this week was made months ago, and he’s sticking with it. We may never know if his time away was a suspension from the PGA Tour, but anyone with a brain could see that it clearly was. He chose LIV Golf, and the Tour more or less told him to fuck off.

If you read his apology from 4 months again closely, by no means was he apologizing to the PGA Tour or for his interest in moving away from it.

Phil’s mind was made, and he more or less went away for 4 months just to quiet down a growing firestorm. Hell, I’m sure the Saudi’s were pissed that he outright mentioned their offenses and told him to take a seat themselves and wait for June.

But sure enough, he’s back and definitely  getting paid handsomely to make the jump. He’s another big name to go with DJ and gives LIV Golf a little more credibility.

Just like DJ, it’s yet to be seen whether they’ll tee it up in majors or ever come back to the PGA Tour. Time will tell. This story is just beginning…