Roy Kent Says They Are Writing Season 3 Of 'Ted Lasso' As The Last Season And There's Only One Way The Show Should End

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[Source] - Brett Goldstein, who serves as a writer on “Ted Lasso” and stars as Roy Kent, has said that the show’s third season is being written as its last.

“We are writing it like that,” he told Sunday Times when asked if Season 3 would be the end. “It was planned as three. Spoiler alert — everyone dies.”

Goldstein’s comments are consistent with what other members of the “Ted Lasso” crew have said in the past. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2021, co-creator and star Jason Sudeikis also expressed that he saw the show ending after three seasons, though he hinted that he may be open to take it further if others had ideas and the opportunity presented itself.

I know the newest trend during season 2 of Ted Lasso was to hate on it. You won't get that from me here. I like the show. If you don't why read the blog? Pretty simple idea here. I digress. This is about the trend that it's going to end after season 3. On one hand, sure, what other storylines can they really go with as we've seen relegation and promotion already. On the other hand, it's a ridiculously successful show and that might be underselling it. People will keep watching even if it drags on an extra season or two. 

But for season 3 there's one thing that needs to happen. Actually, to be more specific they need to end the show with Richmond ripping the heart out of that piece of shit Nate and West Ham. The show has actually done an awesome job of blurring personalities, seriousness and comedy. Now give us what we want. No heartwarming ending. No turnaround like we saw with Jamie. Just give us Nate being a little bitch. 

In case you forgot: 

Too many times we get the heartwarming ending where everyone is happy and ride off to the sunset. I don't want that. I want people upset. I want fighting. I don't even want Richmond to win the Premier League or anything like that. Just have them finish like 7th and go to Europa League. 

I know they could go a bunch of different ways with the show, but sometimes it's better to just end it on top. Selfishly I'd love to have 10 seasons of Ted Lasso because it's an easy watch that's also a great couple show (huge key). But like I said, it can get played out. Will they get promoted/relegated/win a title can only happen for so many seasons. Give me Ted getting fired or something and let Roy Kent coach a season. 

We also know money talks. If Apple+ pays enough I'm sure we'll get season 4. But if you're a Ted Lasso fan, get ready for the later part of this year because it sounds like the last season. 


PS: Yeah I know Roy Kent isn't his real name, but that's what people know him by. He'll be Roy Kent for the rest of his life.