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A Cow Was On The Loose In Oklahoma City, So Of Course They Called In Actual Cowboys To Catch It

Modern problems require modern solutions! Okay that phrase definitely doesn't apply here but goddamn that was as electrifying a chase ending as you will see. As a Northern yankee, I've blogged about a few cows getting loose by a Queens butcher shop over the years which only led to the NYPD getting juked out of their shoes since a four legged animal is damn near impossible to stop for us two leggers before they pop him with some sort of tranquilizer dart. Meanwhile, OKC has actual cowboys wrangling up cows like it's just a typical Monday morning 1500 miles south in the same exact country. God bless America.

That entire sequence was so effortless, I'm actually convinced that the music playing in the background wasn't added by the news station or in post production but instead was played by the American gods like when Woody first appeared to stop the dastardy One-Eyed Bart from sticking up the bank in Andy's room.

Just incredible stuff all around even before you see this buckaroo's partner hit the cow with the low lasso to put an end to what I imagine was the 20th cow chase on the day.