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Eduardo Escobar Hits For The Cycle As The Mets Continue To ROLL Out West

Yeah we are blogging about a cycle followed up by a lyric from a song that is over 20 years old. Deal with it. The New York Mets are fun as fuck and I'm up at 1:30 AM with nothing else to do since I'm too hyped to go to sleep but it's too late to do anything else. Well there is something else I could do that Keith was alluding to but I don't have the energy for it.

You know things are special when the booth is going off the rails in Mets wins. God I love this team so fucking much. The offense grinded Blake Snell out of the game early, answered anytime the lead was threatened, and took advantage of the Padres mistakes in the field while Cookie Carrasco ate 7 innings on a night when the bullpen needed it badly.

Tonight's Cookie Rating:

Sidenote, these are fucking delcious

Let's keep this hot streak going and let everyone know the Mets are the gauntlet that the west coast teams have to deal with instead of the other way around, even if these late starts are going to kill me, even though seeing a Big Sexy shirt in the wild woke me right up.

If any other sad souls are still awake looking to burn out some time, watch our latest We Gotta Believe from today where we discuss the Dodgers series, the LOLMets stories trying to re-enter our lives, and a preview of this Padres series (The audio sucks in the beginning but we figured out the issue after a few minutes).