I Didn’t Hear No Bell! Come On Oilers Play La Bamba...Tonight's EBR Winner

The NHL playoffs round 3 are off to a start that might make the Cup come soon! This blog has been an everyday staple in the life of the EBR bettors who want to cash tickets.

GAME OF THE NIGHT - Colorado Avalanche @ Edmonton Oilers (Series Avs 3-0)

Barstool Sportsbook Odds: Oilers ML +116 Over 7 +110

Murls Breakdown: 

There is no doubt the Oilers season has been a success and the Whit will be forever grateful for them winning the battle of Alberta but this series has been rough.  

Puck luck is a real thing and the Oilers were inches away from tying game 3 in the dying seconds and making everyone in attendance blow the roof off the arena.  Those fans are absolutely rabid and they love the Oilers.  This game has so many new dynamics with the Kadri injury, Kane suspension, and will Mike Smith make the needed save at the crucial moment.  

The Avs will move on in this series but as a hockey fan and a gambler I always want more games.  The Oilers with Mcdavid and Draisaitl will conjure up the magic and push this to a game 5.  They want to give the fans a W before flying back to the Rockies where the series will be over.  

Some keys to the game are definitely getting off to a fast start like last game but you can’t then take 7 minutes in penalties that kills all momentum and really throws off the lines. When the game is dominated by penalties the players can’t get into the flow. Edmonton needs to play the match up games and get 97 out there whenever there is an offensive zone face-off.  Let's Go Oilers! Do it for the fans, give them one last swan song and allow the bars to be bumping on Wednesday.  


Also, I will need a proxy for that 50/50 raffle that is action needed. 


Oilers ML +116

Oilers 3-way 1st period +188

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