Life's spinning incredibly fast. Im constantly on a plane. Always moving. The days all blend into each other, and the drunken memories are all too often. Blacking out seems easier than facing reality. and the reality is: I don't know what Im doing, but Im doing it. Isn't that the Barstool way? Dave had no idea what he was doing when he started a newspaper back in 2009. He didn't have a team, he didn't have the sponsors, and he didn't have the funding. He had a vision, believed in himself and made it a reality, and that's something to truly admire. 

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3 weeks ago, on the eve of my birthday, I got a call from Hank, letting me know that my producer got cut from my show. Although I was disappointed to hear that, I used it as motivation to not let The Tiko Ten die off. Since then I've filmed 3 episodes on my own with the help of my amazing assistant Daniel, including a 'Tiko Ten update' and an interview with Brett Berish, the CEO of Belaire, ill include them below if you missed them. CLICK TO WATCH & SUBSCRIBE

Then I went to Texas for 4 days and due to multiple cancellations, I was stuck there for two weeks. Without my laptop, my work stuff. I felt super unproductive but still tried my best to enjoy those moments with family. The quiet moments with my new nephew. The late night talks with my mom. My sweet mama, who doesn't understand my journey. When are you going to finish school? When are you going to get married? When are you going to have your first kid? I don't know Mama. I just don't know. Im trying to chase several dreams at once, and its only just me. 

Dating in NYC has been weird for me, as Im not interested in meaningless hookups. It's tough navigating the pressure that comes with age, combined with the pressure of being successful at Barstool. Im trying to make everyone proud, Im trying to make my parents proud, myself proud, make God proud, make Dave & Erica proud. Its been 6 months in NY, and I still don't feel super adjusted but its a process right. As uncomfortable as I am in NYC, I take comfort in knowing Im trying something different. Im breaking out of my comfort zone, to surpass my wildest imaginations. Every day in NYC is something different and Im constantly learning and evolving. Although my dating life is non existent and my only two friends here are two skaters from Harlem, I actually enjoy being here. Im excited to continue my journey. As I continue to work on my podcast, The Tiko Ten, I plan on launching a "woman on the streets" segment, which will feature street interviews and street journalism. I think it'll be a fun way to show my strengths and personality. Dave told me just keep throwing shit at the wall, and see what sticks and that's exactly what I plan to do. Keep throwing shit, until I can't throw shit anymore.