The Denver Broncos Have Been Sold To One Of The Walton Heirs For A Cool $4.5B

This is the dream. I think it is basically every American male's dream. To have their favorite team bought by a family with MEGA billions. No, not to own the team ourselves. That American dream is dead. But, at least having a family with pockets so deep that you have a real genuine chance of experiencing joy on Sundays. That would be incredible. To think that the Walton family was able to amass that much wealth by selling shit for slightly cheaper than the mom-and-pop stores that they crushed is astounding. The Wal-Mart hears collectively are worth $250B. They won't even notice this asset in their portfolio. 

Little side bar this story is the power of the Walton Family in Denver sports. Stan Kroenke owns the Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, and the MLS team in Denver. He also owns, of course, Super Bowl Champion LA Rams and Arsenal. His wife...Ann Walton-Kroenke is also an heir to the Walton family fortune. Her personal net worth, no including her husband Stan, is $8.1B. Stan's net worth is listed at $10.7B. So yeah, I guess the wage gap is real. Just an astounding amount of wealth and ownership in pro sports for one family. 

Broncos new owner, Rob Walton, is 77 years old so it is truly an old boys club of ownership in the NFL. I sincerely hope he pays tribute and respects the work of their previous owner who took the Broncos from an also-ran 2nd tier franchise to one of the most successful in pro sports. I am of course talking about Homer Simpson. Three super bowls since he took over