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Draymond Being An Elite Asshole Who Pisses Everyone Off Is Exactly What These NBA Finals Needed

This isn't a Jordie enforcers blog because it's an asshole blog. Draymond Green knows EXACTLY what he's doing in these sort of situations. He started it from the get go with his chirping, drawing fouls and pissing every single person off. It was beautiful to watch. I'm not going to hide the fact I hate the Celtics, it's sports. But you see it's a unique line that Draymond can cross. You need to have 1 of these guys on championship teams. You can't have multiple of them. 

Dave summed it best as a fan opposite of Draymond: 

This is what makes Draymond elite! No one else on the Warriors roster can be a lead blocker on those screens, get a technical and bait people into fouling him. He knows what to do when the refs are on tilt. He's got Ime Udoka calling him a bitch. He's got fans screaming on Twitter. He's got everyone up in arms and it's fucking hilarious. Give me more of these guys. Guys who are complete assholes on winning teams. 

I say it all the time. Sports are supposed to make fans insane. It's not supposed to be all nice and rational. Draymond brings that out in opposing fans, especially in the Finals. Give me more guys like that. It's what these Finals needed. Get some anger out there. Give me two teams who don't like each other and want to go at it. That's when we see the best in sports.