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The Rivalry: Paul Bissonnette vs. New York Rangers Fans

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL BISSONNETTE! The longtime recurring guest of the show joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss a wild weekend in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, becoming good friends with Wayne Gretzky, his new haircut, and much more. Biz has also made a handful of predictions throughout this hockey season, including a consistent one - the New York Rangers are fraudulent. Well, you probably know this by now, but that aforementioned hockey team is still very much alive in this year's postseason. Where does Biz go from here now that he has been wrong (multiple times) about the Rangers? This rivalry was explained in detail on today's show:

Mr. Commenter: One of my favorite ongoing sagas has been you versus the city of New York, and how much you hate Rangers fans. I think you might hate them as much as Memes does, which is saying something, because Memes is basically the biggest Tampa Bay Lightning fan in the world right now. But you've been publicly going at Rangers fans, where did that all start?

Paul Bissonnette: ... So, in one of the final games of the year, Rangers fans were losing it because I was like, "Yes, this team has had success all year, but fuck, do they give up a lot of high, dangerous scoring chances and rely on their goaltending. I think they're going to get worked in playoffs. This is a major problem, playing track meet type of hockey and open yourself up. You're going to be playing against teams who have better shooting percentages and better execution, better execution on the power play, you just can't fucking rely on your goaltender all year long."

Paul Bissonnette: So, I was like, "Are these guys sensitive?" So, that's where it all started. And then in the first round, they're playing the Pittsburgh Penguins, fuck, I love Sid [Crosby], and I'm like, "Fuck the Rangers, their power play is not going to work, their goaltending is going to get lit up," and believe me when I say, they got so lucky that Jarry [Penguins goalie] got hurt, and they had to play a third string goalie.

The Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to knock out the Penguins in Round One. Let's fast forward to his though process to Round Two vs. Carolina…

Paul Bissonnette: And then I said, "Carolina is going to fucking bend them over." And I'm jumping on the Carolina Hurricanes bandwagon because I fucking hate these fucking fans, because they come at you online like Yankees fans, the worst!

Mr. Cat: Memes is nodding furiously right now in the corner.

Paul Bissonnette: So, I tried to back Carolina, but towards the end of the series, I'm like, "Fuck, man, New York, they've gotten better defensively, they're giving up less high-danger scoring chances, Shesterkin's found his game more than he did in the first round, and now I'm like, "Oh my God, this team is like a team of destiny. They actually have a chance to win the Cup." And I'm so invested into it where if they do go to the Finals and they are, we're rolling in at MSG and I'm wearing a fucking Avalanche jersey if they get past. I'll fucking get in a fucking freestyle battle with Bobby Shmurda on the catwalk, I'm fucking all in on whoever fucking beats this team out. I hate… I do NOT want the Rangers to win.

So, there you have it. Biz is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the New York Rangers are not the ones who are hoisting the Stanley Cup in a few weeks. Will anyone be able to stop them? Biz sure hopes so.