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Ronaldo (The Legend, Not Cristiano) Is Currently Doing A 310 Mile, 25 Hour Bike Ride Because The Team He Owns Got Promoted To La Liga

[Source] - The former Real Madrid and Inter Milan striker purchased a 51 per cent stake in newly-promoted side Real Valladolid in 2018 and has kept to a pledge he made when the club were relegated from the Spanish top flight at the end of last season.

'I promised that if we came back (to LaLiga), I would do the Camino de Santiago,' said the 45-year-old Brazilian.

Shout out Ronaldo - the Brazilian icon, not the one who is partly destroying Manchester United. The man bought Valladolid and made a promise over a year ago. If they got promoted back to La Liga, he'd bike the 310 miles as a way to give them a Major League type boost. Well, here we are and he's living up to his bet. It's a brutal one too. That's one where your ass is legit sore for weeks. I know he's breaking it up over days and doing it a bit different but 310 miles is a 310 miles. I don't care how in shape you are, how good you were at soccer etc, biking that much is going to hurt. 

I don't know why he'd offer to do this. Offer money or something else. Don't punish yourself with pain just for a promotion, even if you're about to make a whole lot more money thanks to promotion. Ronaldo is 45 years old. Legs and backs don't hold up at that age. They barely hold up at 35, even if you're a world class soccer player. 

Also it's not lost on me how we need to change names here. You can't have two all-time soccer players with the same singular name. Cristiano needed to go by that. He can't go by Ronaldo. We already have one! It makes life very confusing when talking about retired two-time World Cup winner Ronaldo and currently playing zero-time World Cup winner Ronaldo. That's my biggest takeaway. From here on our it'll be Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo.