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Cody Rhodes Is Wrestling With An Insane Looking Torn Pec Right Now

Earlier today, news broke that Cody Rhodes unfortunately suffered a torn pectoral muscle ahead of the WWE's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which he was scheduled to headline against Seth Rollins.

I think most people in his position would probably decide they couldn't go on with the Cell match after tearing their pec "completely off the bone" - but not Cody. He's in there right now, as I'm writing this blog, wrestling his ass off against Rollins. Taking bumps, chops, belt whips to the chest, and more. Fucking insane - and possibly stupid, depending on who you ask - but very 'old school' and verrrrrrry Cody Rhodes to work through the injury to put on the match the fans paid for. That bravery is a big part of the reason people love Cody in the first place.