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Congrats To Wales On Making The World Cup For The First Time In 64 Years, But Now It's Time To Focus On The USA Kicking Their Ass

And there it is. Wales beats Ukraine (who beat Scotland) in the European playoff to determine the last spot in the World Cup. Kind of a weird goal, but an awesome match here this afternoon. Also felt wrong to not cheer for Ukraine as a complete neutral fan. But that's all out the window now. We know who the US is playing in our first World Cup match.

Wales, 2pm on November 21. Time to hate Wales. Do I have any reason to be mad at Gareth Bale or Ben Davies or Aaron Ramsey or Brennan Johnson or Joe Rodon, etc? Of course not. But I will start to find ways to hate them. Gonna start screaming about how Gareth Bale cheats at golf since he loves that more than Real Madrid. 

And hey, Wales is an awesome story. 

They have an awesome flag, logo, jerseys and all that. But it's the World Cup now. It's nothing but hate for teams that we have to go through - Wales, England and Iran. And in all seriousness, shout out Ukraine. They played Scotland in the first match since Russia attacked them and got a 2-0 win last week. 

Would have loved the story of Ukraine winning the playoff and getting into the World Cup. Also brutal to have Wales goal listed as an own goal. But we move on. The 2022 World Cup is officially set and we have 5 months to prep for Wales. Someone get Gregg all the tapes.