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Steve Harvey Getting "Joe Mama-ed" By 'Big Daddy' Is One Of The Greatest Family Feud Clips Of All Time

Just a surreal clip - I'm so used to seeing Steve Harvey absolutely cook his contestants. It's such a rare scenario when the tables are turned and he gets caught...and caught BAD. This is one of those situations where you have to respect the hustle outta 'Big Daddy.' 

Also, that's Evander Holyfield at the end of this clip which completely blew my mind. I need to know Big Daddy's relationship to Evander ASAP.

Family Feud is truly one of the greatest game shows of our generation. Steve Harvey ALWAYS delivers outrageous clips with his contestants. In college, the Game Show Network was on 24/7 in our dorm. There's nothing better than watching your everyday American end a relationship with an answer praising their ex or thinking Jose starts with the letter H.


Alright I'm going back to watching Call of Duty, but tomorrow I think we get back on the GSN grind.