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Biz Nasty Dearly Pays Betting Debt On Live TV, And The Spittin' Chiclets Guys Are Living Their Best Life At Avalanche-Oilers Game 3

The Western Conference Final is Saturday's main event on the sports calendar, but Barstool's own Paul Bissonnette, aka BizNasty, aka NHL on TNT analyst extraordinaire, was in the barber's chair for a most unusual haircut prior to the Avalanche and Oilers Game 3 puck drop in Edmonton.

Then the boys...I assume pounding some Pink Whitney, hamming it up for the cameras at Rogers love to see it...and I'm sure they're still riding the high of bearing witness to Biz rocking his new hairdo:

If you're wondering why the hell this amazing Biz buzzcut happened, it actually stems from a Spittin' Chiclets podcast back in November, where Biz bet Ryan Whitney that the Calgary Flames would go deeper in the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs than the Oilers:

Although Calgary beat Edmonton 9-6 in an epic Game 1 in the last round, the Oilers won the next four to advance.

Cheer up, Biz. You have a bountiful head of hair and it'll grow back. My shit would be wrecked by something like this. You've already gone public with your valuably-learned lesson so I don't need to reiterate here with any extraneous drivel.

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