Mac Jones Got Introduced to NE Culture in the Most Masshole Way Imaginable

Here's the thing about this video. I'm tempted to think the guy asking the questions is playing a character. But I can't buy it. That accent is too perfect. No one is a good enough actor to fake that. Especially the way he doesn't lean too hard into the last syllable of "chowder," which the outsiders are all guilty of doing. Not even Matt Damon or Ben Affleck can pull the voice off with this much authenticity. And they're from here. 

This is just another reason - like I needed one - to love Mac Jones. Accosted in the street by a random Masshole who starts grilling him about his preferred chowder, and he just rolls with it. And instead of playing along, saying what he thinks his audience wants to hear, he's genuine about it. And still apologetic. Which is completely unnecessary, by the way. 

So he doesn't eat seafood? Who would ever blame him? He's from Jacksonville, for crying out loud. From the earliest age, he was exposed to that bogus southern water fish. From the most temperate parts of the Gulf Stream where the warm waters lead to less oil in the fish and therefore less flavor. People might think that stuff is good, but it's vastly inferior to what we're accustomed to up here. Jacksonville seafood doesn't belong in a pan or oven or on a grill. And for sure not on a dinner plate. It belongs in a plastic tub filled with dirt sitting in your tackle box. 

The fact that Jones had the good sense to avoid such culinary atrocities growing up is just another reason to feel good about him running the Patriots offense and leading them back to the promised land time and time again over the next 20-plus years. Any man of his tender years who agrees with Ron Swanson on animal proteins (cued to the 0:52 mark):

...can be my quarterback any day. Lord help me, I like this guy more every time I see him. 

P.S. Manhattan chowder is not chowder, so stop calling it that. Refer to it as the thin, tomatoey gruel unfit for human consumption that it is. Or better yet, dump it all into the deepest part of the ocean, never make it again and we'll forget you ever served it in the first place. You can thank me later.