Barstool Chicago Stool Scenes: I Am Now The Face Of Mugsy Jeans

You guys know how you like to call me short, fat, drunk, bald, fat, dumb and a waste of life? And fat? Well suck my fat one, losers, because now I'm a professional model, courtesy of Mugsy Jeans. 

Now - all jokes aside - after we got outfitted by Mugsy leading up to the grand reveal of our billboard where Eddie kicked a golden retriever puppy in the face because he hates dogs - I can say that we in the Barstool Chicago office completely and totally endorse Mugsy Jeans. They're the most comfortable jeans I've ever warn and that is ZERO bullshit. It's not heavy, hot denim. It's a stretch material made from a tri-blend of spandex that looks and feels like jeans from the inside while feeling like yoga pants or sweats when you wear them... but they're durable too. 

In the words of the hallowed Kenny Powers, "Levi, you're fucking out... Mugsy you're in." 

Check them out here: 

Mugsy Jeans' Website

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