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Lindsay Lohan Would Rule The Real Housewives Of Dubai

We always love a new Real Housewives series & we couldn't be more excited for The Real Housewives of Dubai. Former Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury has joined the cast & we had a wonderful interview with her on today's podcast.

Caroline talked to us about her lavish lifestyle in Dubai with elephants in her backyard, warm weather & her office being the pool. Caroline said it herself she lives like a queen & we can only imagine what this series will look like.

Caroline also gave us the scoop on her friendship with Lindsay Lohan & Lindsay potentially joining the cast which has been tossed around since the Dubai series was revealed. It is no secret that Lindsay moved to Dubai because paparazzi are illegal, unless you call them on yourself (**Caroline winked**), which lets someone like Lindsay live a more normal lifestyle. BUT it doesn't sound like we should count Lindsay out of sharing her life on the Real Housewives series. We are in full support & our fingers are crossed that this could be in our future. 

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