SEC Basketball Coaches Are Trying To Move The Conference Title Game Date So They Stop Feeling Screwed By The Tournament Committee

[247] - The SEC's coaches questioned the valuation of the game for the two teams participating in the championship game since it is conducted mere hours before the NCAA Tournament's selection committee unveils its 68-team field.

Yeah, I mean this makes sense. It seems like every year the winner of the SEC Tournament title game doesn't get any sort of benefit. It's because they play right before the selection show. There's no point for the committee to do extra work because why would they? It's the biggest negative to playing on Sunday. 

Now, as a fan? I hate this. I love having games on Selection Sunday. A little wet the beak action before you start sweating out if your team is in, where they are seeded, the path, etc. So I propose a trade. Give me a typical one-bid league type game here for the SEC. Make the SEC game title more on Saturday for seeding reasons and give me like the SoCon title game here. A fun league that is typically a 13ish seed. 

It's not exactly shocking that this is happening, coaches have been complaining about it forever. In the last 7 years alone I can think of two big time results that didn't matter. Kentucky beating A&M in 2016 and Tennessee winning this past year. Once the bracket came out everyone was confused and it showed that there was a lack of reasoning and proof that the title game didn't *really* matter. 

My ideal Selection Sunday: 

5 games - A-10, Big 10, Ivy, SoCon and AAC title games starting at 11am and spread out. 

That said, I understand that money matters.