Deshaun Watson's Lawyer Thought The Best Thing To Do Today Was To Go On The Radio And Remind Everyone That Happy Endings Are NOT Illegal

"If the Happy Ending was free, you must let him QB" - Rusty Hardin, lawyer of Deshaun Watson

Is this really the defense we're going with? He said to the listening audience that sometimes a massage can PERHAPS end in what is called a Happy Ending, insinuating that it is simply the masseuse's choice at the end to perform a sexual activity or not. And if that activity happens without forcing (assault) or payment (prostitution), no harm no foul!

"unless you are paying someone extra, it is not a crime"

I have a legitimate question: is there anything worse that Rusty Hardin could have said this morning? He damn near admitted guilt on public radio. Because I find it hard to believe that this many masseuses engaged in unprovoked activity. And for no money at all!

I know I'm just a dumb little teacher from the middle of nowhere Ohio, but my understanding of lawyers from watching a movie here and there is that it is THEIR JOB  to keep their clients from saying stupid things. Why is Rusty Hardin the one putting his foot in his mouth? This is the worst PR move in the history of legal team PR moves, and it came from the DEFENSE LAWYER.

Thanks, Rusty! Have a good weekend my guy.