When Given a Hypothetical Hall Pass With Literally Any Person On Earth Maybe Don't Choose Your Ex While Your Current Boyfriend is Standing Right Next To You

I've never wanted to crawl out of my own skin more. I'm fairly certain we just witnessed the very last moment of a relationship and the start of someone's villain origin story. I mean there's no way on God's Green Earth you can continue to date someone who when given a free pass to fuck anyone on Earth chooses her EX. She even debates it out loud making sure she could pick any living breathing human being in the world. In her mind she's probably going "Oh so Ryan Reynolds, Hairy Styles, Ronaldo they're all fair game here? Cool I'll go with my ex-boyfriend." I've never seen a bigger red flag answer in my life. It's quite possibly the worst answer to any question I've ever heard. That is until you hear the guy's response...

After that car crash your using the hall pass on your current girlfriend??? I understand his brain was rattled from his girl picking her ex to bang, but what are we doing here? Say her best friend, say her sister, say her mom, or don't simply answer the question and just end the relationship right there. Say anything but her after she admits she still wants that ex's dick. Goodness gracious. 

It appears damage control is already being attempted here

Yeah not sure about that

Can't be having this bad juju attached to the Yankees moving forward. We're 36-15, let's be better here. Cut her loose, change your identity, alter your name, and start fresh.