Skip Bayless Has Been on an Anti-Steph Curry Crusade That is 100% Grade-A Skip

I have to confess that I'm not devout enough a follower of the Cult of Skip Bayless to have realized Steph Curry is one of his favorite targets. I'm of course familiar with his anti-Lebron doctrine. His contempt for Aaron Rodgers is part of the zeitgeist. But I never paid attention close enough to know his hatred of Curry ran this deep. And that's on me. 

But now that the team I'm emotionally attached to is facing Curry and one of the most unhinged media figures of our age is waving the green shirt for them, you're damned right I'm going to sit up and take notice. I mean, just look at his level of obsession with this cause. The passion. The full-body intensity. The rhyming and wordplay:

And the shameless fanboying of the Celtics:


And the deft way he combined the two was a masterclass in Tweet Minimalism:


Sometimes you have to just have to bend the knee before the awesome might of someone's mastery of the media game. To stand in awe and appreciate the way they're able to create a narrative and own it with such passion. Skip's heart and soul - his very essence - is wrapped up in his disgust for Steph. And Curry following a 6-for-7 from behind the arc with a 1-for-7 in a Finals game at home gave Bayless a source of unlimited power with which to launch this attack. All you can do is admire the way he's using every ounce of that energy to fuel his rage. 

There's a good half dozen Celtics who stepped up and elevated their games enough to make the biggest joke out of the Win Probability metric since Super Bowl LI was 28-3:

But no man was more in his element during and after Game 1 than Skip Bayless. As this series unfolds, it's going to be his moment as much as either team's.