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CRAZY Video Of A Hardo Disney Employee Completely Shutting Down A Guy Proposing To His Girlfriend In Front Of The Castle

I had to rewatch that video three times just to make sure I saw it right because I have never seen ANYTHING like that happen at Disney. I get that those lovebirds may have been in a restricted area that is for people that paid the price of a full wedding to perch upon for a photo, this happened is Disneyland Paris where the French could be pricks, and Mickey rules his kingdom an iron fist, no matter what other Disney employee might have told them. But that mamaluke could've kindly shooed that couple off the platform instead of trying to break up that engagement like he was Jadeveon Clowney and the ring was the football.

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As for the happy(ish) couple, the groom-to-be better have realized this was the first test of his marriage even though she didn't even say "yes" yet let alone "I do". If you let some chump in mouse ears push you around and take the ring that costs wayyyyy too much without fighting back, you might as well draw the divorce papers up now because your wife will truly never respect you.

Which is why I hope this video cut off right before this lowkey giant in all white chokeslammed that employee through a table if not ripped limb from limb by the pack of overexcited diehard Disney fans. Love has taken too many hits over the year to have some squeaky Disney employee stick a stake through its heart and the people cheering a proposal like it was Game 7 of The Finals were not ready to see the magic of Disney dissipate right in front of their faces.

I know that wishing someone was torn to shreds like the hyenas did to scar seems excessive. But trust me, a quick yet painful death would be a win for that proposal bouncer because the only thing the bazillion dollar corporation known as Disney hates more than guests that don't follow the rules is bad press that ruins the magic, hence why you can't see Tomorrowland from Frontier Land, a Disney employee is somehow always around to lend you a hand for a picture or a dropped ice cream cone, and the whole "Nobody has ever died at Disney because they will move them out of the park before they are declared dead" urban legend has existed forever.

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Now the suits at The Mouse have to deal with a viral video shot with 3 iPhone HD cameras where two kids having a moment they waited for their entire lives ruined by an overexcited employee along with an angry crowd of Disney stans I'm guessing that dude lost his ears as well with his name tag with his hometown and is now sitting in a cell in the labyrinth of tunnels under the Disneyland Paris spending the rest of his days like the swashbucklers in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.