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Second Place Stings A Little Less When They Pay You Out With Bricks Of Cash


Our friend Chance Kornuth finished in 2nd place in the WSOP $100k event yesterday, collecting a smooth $721,144 for his work. Sure he was a little disappointed after losing heads up to DPeters, but you know what helps soothe that sting a little bit? Like aloe on a sunburn, the cure-all...bricks of cash.



Just another reason poker is great. No matter if you cash for $700 or $700,000, they pay you out in cash/chips like it's nothing. There's gotta be no better feeling than giving the ol' lady a "honey I'm home!" and then dumping $700,000 on the dinner table. 

And to think he was considering not even playing the event when he talked to us on the podcast 2 weeks ago!



Sure seems like he's pretty happy with his decision.



Congrats to Chance!


One other note from the WSOP yesterday- during the $500 event, a dealer made a bittttt of a whoopsie daisies…



For those unaware, a color-up is when they remove lower denomination chips from the tournament when they are no longer needed for blinds or antes. For example when the big blind becomes 10k you no longer need 1k chips, so they give you bigger chips for your 1k chips. This dealer, bless his soul, didn't know what it meant so he just took everyone's chips and stacked them in the middle of the table by color. Hilarious but oh my god, you cannot let this guy near a poker table again. Poor guy probably was just yanked from the pits to deal poker and hadn't a clue what was happening. For those wondering, they paused the tournament and checked the security tapes and did the best they could to make everyone whole. Not sure exactly how accurate they get it, but I've heard the tapes work pretty well.


As an aside, my finger is hovering over the "book flight" button for a flight to Vegas tomorrow morning. I should probably do it, right? 


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