Phillies Finally Fire The Hell Out Of Joe Girardi

Say it is so, Joe! Look, Giriardi is a decent dude. And hindsight is 20/20, but I don't think anyone had an issue with the former Yankees skipper being hired by the Phillies (after they let go of Gabe). In fact, it was pretty widely celebrated. But you can't play two straight years of underachieving baseball and miss the playoffs only to start your third season 22-29 while in the Luxury Tax. You just can't. Anyone who is forced to sadly watch this team on a regular basis know it wasn't all Girardi's fault and this isn't going to be the quickest fix, but it had to be done. Hopefully Rob Thompson can lead this team to the first playoff in over a decade. Ring the damn bell. 

Now do Doc Rivers.

PS - Live now talking Phils and such