Star Power: Mbappe Bullied Some Site Into Deleting A 'Fake' Report That He Wanted 14 People Cut From PSG

This is how you know you made it as a star. When you have the ability to simply tweet out 'fake' and have a place not only delete the tweet but the entire report on their website too. Not sure if that still counts for pageviews but that's a bad beat. Usually you can just fire off anything you want as long as you say 'sources,' 'reportedly' or 'allegedly.' Learn some Journalism for me one time, Sportsbible. 

Now this is all based on the fact that with Mbappe's new deal he has more control on the team. Makes sense because Mbappe is, well, Mbappe. I just wish he embraced being the heel. Start threatening Neymar and Poch with the fact they are on the hot seat. Neymar misses a pass? Cut his ass. Poch makes a sub you don't like? Guess what pal? You're fired. 

I can't imagine the feeling of being the social media guy for that site though. You're doing your job tweeting out the stories and whatnot. Next thing you know you get a notification that Mbappe is tweeting back at you. That sets in panic more than anything. Emergency meetings and shit all to just delete everything. 

Mbappe is officially a star.