We Need To Send This Red Shirt Asshole Into Outer Space

Hey Tom. Hey Crane. Hey Julian. What the fuck are we doing here guys? Haven’t we already done this song and dance? Wasn’t it utterly exhausting to get literally and figuratively dog walked across the summer of 2019? I guess not and I guess you guys didn’t get the message. So let’s do this one more time and let’s keep it brief. Let the fans police themselves and have their fun in the bleachers. If the cups are in the way, someone can knock them over. If they’re having fun, they can stack them to the moon because that’s what the people want and no red shirt lousy asshole should have the right to infringe on that.

Save the Cowboy shit for when it’s actually needed. And more importantly, let the boys have some fun. Thursday night against the Cardinals. Nobody paid full price to be chaperoned by the outer crusts of society.

Viva La Cup Snakes