If You're Headed To The University Of Miami Baseball Game This Weekend Make Sure You Get Your Hands On A Buffalo Wing, Carrots, Celery, And Ranch Milkshake!

Mmmmm, just what I want when I'm watching a baseball game when I'm down in Miami, a buffalo wing vanilla milkshake topped off with carrots, celery, and ranch. That hits the spot. Miami is hosting a regional for the NCAA Baseball Tournament this weekend which means the world famous concession stand at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field will be open and ready to go. Mark Like Milkshake is a staple of Miami games and they always have wacky milkshakes on hand, so with Miami hosting Ole Miss, Arizona, and Canisus College this weekend they made some milkshakes in honor of those colleges. 

With Canisus College being in buffalo they decided to go all out with their buffalo wing, carrots, ranch or blue cheese, and celery dumped into a vanilla milkshake. Going to be a hard no from me. I can get down with some creative milkshakes, mix it up, have some fun but this is where I and others should draw the line. Chicken and ice cream? RANCH and ice cream? In Miami? Outside? Nothing about that sounds appealing. At first I thought it was just a big cup of ranch with all that in there, sure toss the wings and celery in there and we have a deal. But the actual milkshake part just can't mix with buffalo wings. I've had old bay in my hot chocolate, I've had some other wild foods, but this is a step too far. Sorry Mark Light, can't do it.

The Hotty Toddy one sounds delightful, maybe in the winter, but it doesn't sound awful. I'll pass on the pear one too, but the buffalo wing one needs to be thrown out. Separation of church and state? Nah, separation of wings and ice cream. They're great by themselves but awful together. 

Thank god they aren't hosting Maine or Maryland this weekend, seafood and ice cream is 100 times worse than wings and ice cream. 

But if you go down to the game and do try this buffalo wing shake please report back and let us know. I'll stick to hot dogs and popcorn at a baseball game like a normal person.