Francisco Lindor Will Miss Tonight's Dodgers Game Because He Slammed His Finger In A Hotel Door, Which I Honestly Didn't Know Was Even Possible

In case Mets fans weren't nervous enough about a 10 day West Coast gauntlet with a banged up rotation, we get a hint of the old Mets mixed with a good old fashioned baseball injury to bring back that all familiar Panic Citi. Good times!

I mean seriously, what the fuck? I didn't even know you could close your finger in a hotel door. Aren't all hotel doors heavier than me and close on their own then make a sound that you can hear down the entire hallway? You would have to have the quickest hands on the planet to close your finger in something like that.

*Thinks about Francisco Lindor's fielding ability and quick twitch that has him with a TEN GAME RBI STREAK and the Lindorks drinking bleach*

Okay, Francisco may indeed have fast enough hands to close them in a hotel door and if the W*lpons were still in charge, I'd be worried about his hands looking like hamburger meat. But this team is different on the field, off the field, and cosmically which is why Francisco will be alright.

You know things are good when the boss man is joking around.

Okay, now we that we know our stud shortstop will only be out a game or so, all we need to do is worry about the All-Star team the Mets are playing again the next four nights. Again, I'd be freaking out if this team was still being run by incompetent boobs. But this team is different top to bottom and I wouldn't be surprised if Luis Guillorme gets the game-winning hit tonight while replacing Lindor at shortstop as well as the 3 spot.

Reminder: Luis Guillorme is the balls.


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