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Uhh, Sure: MTV Is Giving Us A Six-Part Documentary On 'The Challenge' Featuring Kim Kardashian (And Others)

[MTV] - The Challenge: Untold History, explores the MTV program's conception, evolution and legacy, all while enlisting competitors, producers, media analysts, and famous fans to reveal the true story (sound familiar?) of the greatest competition series on television. A first look will be unveiled during the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards, airing on June 5. What. A. Tease!

Known for its ability to reinvent the wheel and heighten the competition season after season, Challenge icons -- including Wes Bergmann, Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, Aneesa Ferreria, Mark Long, Chris "CT" Tamburello, Darrell Taylor, Laurel Stuckey and Kam Williams -- will return to share behind-the-scenes stories from their extraordinary time competing in "America's fifth major sport." Kim Kardashian, Vernon Davis, and Lindsey Jacobellis will also be featured.

Am I going to watch this? Of course. I love The Challenge. It's a show that has spanned my entire teenage and adult life. But I have some complaints. First off, how do you not ask the No Quitters cast if we're doing features? I got some takes to fire off as do the other boys. Second, Kim Kardashian ... noted Challenge fan? Since when? This Kim Kardashian? 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

Vernon at least hosted a couple shows for The Challenge. I understand that one. I was floored when I saw Kim Kardashian. I hate to say it but part of me is more interested just to see what the hell she has to say about the show. I want a full Kim K breakdown of cast, Mt. Rushmore's and moments.

Speaking of moments, there are plenty that need to be addressed however I think they are going to shy away from Evan and Kenny. Here's a solid list of moments that need to be spoken about in full detail: 

I don't care so much about the new shit. Just talk about the rise of CT and Bananas. Talk about the rivalries. Talk about Shauvon's implant popping. I am scared that we're going to get too much fluff for 6 episodes. Like our old friend says, give me an idea like this: 

I'd watch a six part documentary on every single one of CT's fights. That or six episodes of TJ manically laughing as he tortures contestants specifically during trivia. Either/or really. Despite being shunned by MTV these are some free ideas.