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If The Cavs Are Half As Good As Their Rebrand Hype Video Then They Will Be An NBA Finals Lock Next Year

I’m a sucker for a great hype video. Before big college football games I love searching twitter and watching the videos made by each fan base. I watch at least five Browns hype videos each week before they play. And I’m not ashamed to say I’ve teared up a time or two rewatching the LeBron/Lion/Christopher Walken hype video from the 2016 Finals after a few cocktails.

The Cavs released a rebrand video today that isn’t quite that level but hot damn is it good. The theme is gold which signifies strength, their junkyard dog mentality, and the fact they are ready to put the NBA on notice. At least that’s how creative director Daniel Arsham and his video staff frame it.

I feel like calling it a “rebrand” might be a bit of a stretch as they really just removed the sword from their shield, removed black from their colors, and will focus more on gold in their branding but that doesn’t mean this wasn’t a banger. Basically the gold is getting golder but the way they presented it was super dope.

With throwback references to Austin Powers, Looney Tunes, Flintstones, and the Miracle at Richfield Coliseum, it struck all the right cords. The perfect palate cleanser after having to listen to two psychotic millionaires talk about shitting on beds and threesomes with Elon Musk for what seemed like the last three months.

By the way, Elon Musk definitely has a weird dick. Just look at the guy, everything about him screams freakish phallic. And no one would build a rocket ship resembling a giant dong unless they are extremely underhung (Jeff Bezos) or they have a real “Hills Have Eyes” vibe to their meat (Musk). 

But I digress. The Cavs have one of the best young cores in the NBA and not only will they make the playoffs next year but should make some noise once they get there. Evan Mobley probably would have won Rookie of the Year had he not had an injury down the stretch and still finished on the All-Rookie 1st Team averaging 15 & 8 and blocking nearly two shots a game. He will be an absolute monster once he adds 15 pounds and learns to drive with more confidence.

Darius Garland established himself as one of the best backcourt players in the league this year averaging 22 & 9 and almost single-handedly got the Cavs out of the play-in tournament. With Colin Sexton returning from injury as either a complimentary scorer off the bench (something they struggled to find constancy with last season) or as a valuable trade chip, they will definitely be more of an offensive threat than the squad who finished 25th in the NBA in ppg despite winning 44 games.

The only way I could get more hyped for this team in gold is if they had Trinidad James perform live before every game. Don’t believe me just watch, (word I can’t say), (word I can’t say), (word I can’t say)!

The gold rebrand fits this young squad that just made the playoffs for the first time in the post-LeBron era. The junkyard dog chain, the throwback unis, and hopefully them raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy once again in the next few years.

Speaking of hype videos you should check out this BAD ASS hype video for The Dozen Trivia Championship tonight. I'm going chalk and picking The Experts but don't sleep on Balls and the boys.