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Dozen Finals Preview: TBT To When Brandon Walker Lost To Me In Jeopardy! (aka Trivia) And Went Completely Apeshit

And so we have it. The Dozen Finals. Uptown Balls vs. The Experts. A historic rivalry that may or may not cost lives when it's all said and done. Why? Well, some people had to have their shoelaces taken away when they fell in the past.

Now did Brendan F. Welker (and subsequently Low T in the full video) have the right to absolutely FLIP OUT repeatedly while attempting to play a simple game of Jeopardy!? Possibly. I mean, the multiple choice could be frustrating. But you know what they could've done? A) Be better at buzzing, which is a HUGE part of Jeopardy! and/or B) Be better at trivia/life. Not that hard. 

We'll find out tonight how the grits will be cooked. Winners will be crowned. Failures will be slayed. And questionable sounds will for some reason be made. Again. 

See you all tonight at 7pm for the championship. In Uptown Balls we trust.