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One of the Most Terrifying 'MLB: The Show' Players Ever Is Now in the Bigs Throwing 96 MPH Changeups

The Miami Marlins' No. 2 prospect Edward Cabrera made his 2022 debut on Wednesday and quickly turned heads with his performance, allowing no runs and just one hit over six innings against the Rockies. He looked every bit the part of a Top 50 MLB prospect.

And oh yeah, he throws 96 MPH changeups — believed to be the fastest in MLB history.

Cabrera had only appeared in seven Major League games before Wednesday, so many baseball fans might not have known about him before his disgusting stuff went viral on Twitter. But anybody who plays MLB: The Show could have told you this was going to happen.

There was no worse feeling than loading into an online game last year and seeing your opponent throwing Cabrera's Future Stars card. He was unhittable and unfair. Unless you also happened to have Cabrera on the mound, you may as well just quit that game and move on to the next one.


Now he'll inevitably get a Topps Now card for his outing on Wednesday. Looking forward to it.