Cristiano Ronaldo Was The Biggest Bust In History

On the last episode of The Bracket, we debated what the biggest bust/failure was. After talking Fyre Fest, the Titanic, Jamarcus Russell and more I came to the conclusion that the Cristiano Ronaldo Bust has to be the worst of all time. 

Giphy Images.

It's Pride month so I have no qualms admitting that Ronaldo is one of the most handsome athletes in the world. In addition to that, he may be the most famous and photographed athlete in the world. So how, HOW do you fuck up a sculpture of him that bad? There isn't a lack of material to work with! What makes it worse is that the sculptor was devastated by the response to it. That means that it wasn't some sort of artsy interpretation of it.

You can watch the full debate above or listen below.