Being A Fair Weather Fan Is Actually Good And Should Be Encouraged

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The Philadelphia Phillies suck. They're a $230 million mountain of dog shit. The type of team that will make you rip your own hair out and take years off your life. The type of team that you truly hate to love. Just a collection of overpaid and underperforming men who have the ability to derail the mental health of an entire city. 

So what's the point? Why would anybody go through the agony of caring about that team? Why don't you just not give a shit about the team now and then see where things go later down the road?

Over the years the term "fair weather fan" has been used by gatekeepers far and wide. Idiot fans who waste the precious amount of time they have on this Earth watching a team that sucks ass and will rarely ever return the favor by bringing them excitement and glory. They go through years of pain and suffering. And then when the team finally gets good, they want to shame anyone who decides to hop on the bandwagon and go along for the ride without experiencing that same pain and suffering. 

So I'm here today to fight for the rights of fair weather fans everywhere. I'm here to say who gives a fuck about if you stuck around to watch a team blow 32 saves or not. You want to wait out the dog shit years and then hop right back into things a few years later once the team figures their shit out? Go for it. Don't let anyone stop you. It's so much easier. You don't have to deal with getting your heart ripped out of your chest every night. You don't need to wake up every morning thinking to yourself "why do I care so much about this piece of shit team?". You get to lead a perfectly normal and happy life. And then when the time comes when the team is actually good, you get right back into it. Seems like the perfect way to live life but nobody else is brave enough to admit it. So I will. I'm excited to be a Phillies fan again in the summer of 2025 hopefully.