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Max Strus Is Still Having A Very Hard Time Accepting The Fact That He Stepped Out Of Bounds In Game 7

Did you by chance see what Max Strus snuck in there? This bad boy

Max, my guy, what are we doing. You see the issue with this is a simple fact that other angles exist. The reality is, you stepped out of bounds on your side step three. It sucks, but that's what happened. I'm curious since he clearly got that screen shot off the internet, why he didn't post these?

Is this what #HeatCulture is? We're still crying about a mistake that was correctly called? It's OK, we all make them! I also find it weird that Strus & Co don't have a problem with this play from Bam where he was clearly out of bounds but then made a little turnaround to beat the shot clock late in the 4th

Or the fact that the NBA came out and admitted in the L2M report that they missed 2 calls in favor of the Heat in Game 7 in the final 2 minutes. Or, if you go back to Game 6, they missed a total of 8 calls in favor of the Heat in the final 2 minutes. This just feels like a very weird thing to STILL be mad online about. 

I don't even have any ill will towards Strus either. He's a guy that the Celts probably should have kept on their roster instead of Javonte Green/Tacko Fall, and after a stop in Chicago he's really turned himself into a legit NBA player. A dead eye shooter and a better defender than I think he gets credit for, but come on man. This is just sad at this point. You stepped out. There was also plenty of time for the Heat to make up for that play instead of going 0-9 midway through the 4th quarter of that Game 7. That play is not why they lost Game 7. Perhaps the never having a lead at any point in the game was a bigger issue.

Would I be bullshit if the Celts had 3 points removed from the score after 5 possessions of play? Absolutely. Until I saw the picture of someone actually stepping out of bounds. Then I would accept it because ya know, in basketball, you have to remain in the lines. It's shit luck but that's what happens when you have plays in the corner. Sometimes, you step out of bounds.

I just don't get the sense of trying to live in this reality where you didn't step out of bounds, when there is clear evidence that you did. Sharing one screen shot doesn't change what happened when others exist. It's OK, Strus had a great year and most likely will have many more postseason moments in the future now that he established himself as a legit NBA rotation guy. 

You just have to get over this and stop crying about it on Instagram.