Kevin Durant Promptly And Correctly Shoved Stephen A. Smith Into A Locker For His Asinine Take That Michael Jordan RUINED Basketball

Michael Jordan ruined basketball for me and Knicks fans everywhere. That's about it. But saying he ruined the game? Come on man. This is getting out of control. I'm in the pageviews business, I understand that sometimes you say drastic things to get attention. But there's gotta be some truth to it. Michael Jordan is one of the main reasons the NBA grew to where it is popularity wise. There might not be a more popular athlete in the world than MJ. 

And to give credit to Stephen A. Steph didn't ruin the game either. He's the best shooter we've ever seen and I don't even think that's a hot take or anything. He's that good. Why not get 3 points when it's available for Steph to take? Again, we're talking smart here. People emulate what's currently going on in sports. Kids wanted to be MJ in my era and now kids want to be Steph. 

Saying MJ was too good and that led to marketing and all that? Asinine take man. Crazy even. You know who is going to be the most pissed about this? It's not Durant. It's Scottie Pippen. 100% chance he fires off some pissed off take about how he was there too. But I am happy for Kevin Durant. This is a pro for an athlete being on Twitter all the time. He doesn't have to wait for a press conference or anything. He sees something and shoots a tweet off. I don't want that to change. I know people don't like it, but it's awesome. I want to see guy's true opinions on this sort of stuff and Durant won't hold back. 

Now ask 10 year old me or so about this and I would agree. MJ ruined my childhood along with Jeffrey Maier, Rich Garcia and Derek Jeter.